It’s all yours.



But I’m going to say this now, if personal pictures get posted, I’ll find a way to make sure Michael knows.

Ummmmmmmmmmmmm no. You aren’t his friend so stop acting like you know him personally. That is just creepy and fucked up.

First of all, don’t tell me what to do. Second, you don’t know me or who I’m friends with so you need to shut the fuck up and stop telling me what to do. Third, you and your friend won. Leave me the fuck alone.

It’s all yours.

But I’m going to say this now, if personal pictures get posted, I’ll find a way to make sure Michael knows.

I give up; you win.

Who ever was going to create this ‘fuckyeahmichaeldelzotto’ tumblr you can have the name. I don’t need to deal with drama at 19 years of age. I graduated high school and moved on from middle school drama, have you?

Excuse me for not posting every five seconds but I do have a life other than tumblr/twitter/facebook/etc. I don’t get to go on my laptop until 7 at night and I want to talk to my friends since that’s the only time I can.

Give me time to think of a new URL and you can have ‘fuckyeahmichaeldelzotto.’

'94, nevermore? Hell no. 2010-2011, the parade will be back!

Blueshirts event

I can’t remember where I found this picture :X
I just thought he was gorgeous.
I think I’m going to stop talking when I post pictures.

Hello gorgeous.

This is a screen shot of a video. I paused it to go get something and that’s where the video stopped. I think I had a heart attack.

ameriqueen said: Well my friend delzotto on tumblr has tons of pics of him if you want her to help out I could ask her. So she doesn't have to make a new blog.

I only have Rangers pictures, mostly my own crappy quality ones, but I’ve got some good ones saved too. I don’t want to sound like a bitch but I don’t know her and she doesn’t know me, at least I’m not aware of it if she does, so I won’t say yes go tell her to help right now. If she wants to talk to me first she can.

ameriqueen said: Doesn't matter, both. :)

Slight problem, I can’t find any worthy Knights pictures so it’ll just be a Rangers picture for now.

ameriqueen said: Can you just stfu and post pictures now?

1. Thanks for the follow. I’ll be nice if you are.

2. You decide which picture: Rangers or Knights.

If you were going to make this….

Sorry for offending you, if I did. If you didn’t like it, there’s no need to send a friend to say something to me.